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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,28 @@ +# beto's dotfiles + +Configuration files in this repository are to be used with GNU Stow with the +repository placed in the user $HOME. + +I tried to follow `XDG_CONFIG_HOME` standard and store configuration files +inside `$HOME/.config` where possible. + +Currently there are configuration files for the following software: + +- 2bwm (single `config.h`, not to be used with `stow`) +- aerc (excluding `accounts.conf`) +- alacritty +- dunst (includes a ``) // todo: remove `feh` from this script +- kde-2bwm (replaces Plasma's ``) +- khard (for vCard addressbook management) +- newsboat (archive purpose as i'm currently using `miniflux`) +- nvim (mostly for rust development, although there's some python and php + support) +- polybar (may be splitted between desktop and laptop. mail checker requires + authentication and specific devices/interfaces are to be set) +- rofi (with gruvbox theme, alacritty terminal and ssh enabled) +- tmux (there's `tpm` plugin support but it's not currently in use) +- vdirsyncer (CardDAV sync, yet to add CalDAV) +- X11 (`.xinitrc` for starting X from tty) +- zathura +- zsh (requires `antigen`, loads local theme, syntax highlighting not included + in repo, `nvm`, `fzf` and `cargo` env source added)